In March Nick Vujicic From http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/ was on 20/20. He mentioned as a child he would pray God would give him arms and legs. Near the end of the interview the interviewer tried tripping him up by asking do you still believe God could give you arms and legs. You could see the disbelief in his face when Nick said “I believe in a God who can do all things, but if He chooses not to give me arms and legs, I know it’s for the better. And I may not understand it, but all I need to know is that He’s going to carry me through, that there is a purpose for it.” It’s typical for someone who isn’t a Christian to doubt miracles. What amazes me is how many Christians doubt miracles. I’ve heard Christians ask the question “Why doesn’t God speak to us today like he did in the Bible”. I believe he does but most people will not listen for the “gentle whisper” I Kings 19:12 Many times I have heard that whisper telling me to wait and when I listen a chance to witness will come.
Jesus tells us we can move a mountain Mark 11:23 We don’t have the faith to make it happen though. If a prophet showed up tomorrow and said Mt. Everest would sink into the ground. Seven days later it’s gone. The news media would be coming up with a million possible explanations, none of them including the word God. The truth be told we, being Christians, would look for a natural explanation. We would say God caused a sink hole to swallow it up. We can not believe because we lack the faith of a mustard seed Matthew 17:21
If God sent someone today to perform miracles as Jesus did, we would accuse them of blasphemy and Satanism just as the Sanhedrin did Jesus. Matthew 26:65 , Luke 11:18 God performs miracles everyday for those who truly believe. I’ve heard of many cases where someone was told they had cancer. Then they go back for surgery and the doctor says it’s gone. If I tried to name personal examples of things that were impossible that just suddenly worked out I could spend days writing. Recently a tornado hit the Campus at Union University. If you look at the pictures and think about how many people where inside, you can’t deny God had a hand in saving those students. Not one student died even though many were trapped in the rubble for several hours. Did the national media say God protected those students? I know many students said it but our news media will not acknowledge it. Dr. David Dockery, president of Union University spoke out saying this was a miracle. I read an opinion in the Memphis paper from someone who said “It is amazing that a seemingly intelligent man like David Dockery, president of Union University, says that he “can point to the overwhelming grace and goodness of our God””. This writer said instead of praising God we should praise the sciences that went into designing the dorms. Sadly, I believe many people who sit in our churches feel this way.

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