God’s Justice

Isn’t it interesting to study how God will often punish the sinner with something similar to what he did happening to him. There are many examples I’ve found of this. For example, Jacob wanted Esau’s blessing. Knowing Isaac was about to give it, Jacob put on goat skins to trick Isaac into giving it to him. (Genesis 27) Years later Jacob’s children showed him a coat dipped in goat’s blood to fool him into thinking Joseph had died(Genesis 37:31-34). Paul had a hand in the stoning of Stephen (Acts 22:20). Years later Paul was stoned and left for dead (Acts14:19). Both of these men committed their sin before meeting Jesus (Genesis 32:24-32, Acts 9:4-5). But while forgiven both were punished in a way that was similar to what they did. The third example I want to give is a little different. (Esther 5:9) Haman hated Mordecai. He planned (Esther 3:8-15) a way to have him killed but, when it didn’t happen fast enough to suit him he erected a pole to have Mordecai impaled on. As (Esther 5:14 & Esther 7:9-10) Haman went to request permission to have him impaled the king gave the order to have Haman impaled. When we plot to do evil to others God watches and He will see to it that we get the punishment we deserve. It’s interesting to note that when Jacob and Paul came to know Jesus they were still punished. It wasn’t more than they could take. Haman didn’t know God and he received death. Just as with us today if we know Jesus we will be punished and forgiven but if you don’t know Jesus you will receive death. These stories and many more in the bible offer us so many examples of our salvation.
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