Praise Through Silence

It’s funny how I’ll have an idea. I’ll have the verses in my head. Then I sit down with my pen and pad, bow my head and ask God to use me to get His message out and the next thing I know I’m writing something completely different from what I’ve intended. Luckily I’ve learned that that is God telling me He wants me to say something different and I should listen. So while I was going to write how we should be more alive with Christ. He wanted me to be silent. And while I do realize that we pray before a meal to give thanks, sometimes God uses our prayers to serve His purpose.

Praise Through Silence
There are some people who make great witnesses for Christ. They can start up a conversation with anyone and talk about anything. They also know exactly the right moment and right way to bring Jesus into the conversation. The Lord uses these people in such a wonderful way. Then there are the rest of us. Some people are not comfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger. I know I never know what to say. Then to start talking about Jesus to a stranger is just about enough to send me running for the hills. Yes I’ve learned prayer helps stifle that fear. Yet I worry what if they get angry (Yes, I’ve seen people get downright hostile because they hear the word Jesus). What if they think I’m some kind of Jesus freak (I believe they referred to me as a NeoChristian Zealot, by the way is that an insult)? Believe it or not one of the easiest ways I’ve seen to witness is through silent devotion. When I was going through my tough time several years back the thing that softened my heart the most was a woman who silently prayed before she would eat at work. The most moving display of getting the word of God out that I’ve seen was while out having dinner. A family sat down to eat. They all bowed their heads together and silently they prayed. When everyone in the family finished praying and looked up they started to eat. No big display. No one drew attention to themselves they just took a silent moment to worship and thank God. You never know when you take a moment to privately show your love for the Lord. Someone could be watching you. They could be struggling with something, and your silent display of faith could show them that there is someone who wants to help them.

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