Including God

Many times we have to make decisions that will change our lives. Some of these deal with our personal lives some deal with our church and spiritual lives. How often do we really consult and wait on God to tell us what to do. I heard a joke about a preacher who was offered a great job as pastor of a church. When he went home and told his wife he was going to go in his room and pray to find out what God wanted him to do. His wife asked if he wanted her to come and pray to. He told her she probably should start packing their bags. Many times we are like that preacher; our minds are made up long before we ask God what He wants us to do.
Nehemiah was cup bearer to the king. He held a position that allowed him daily contact with the king. When he found out his people were in trouble and disgrace, the first thing he did was pray. Before he made any decision, he talked it over with God. After “some” days” he asked God for success. When the king asked “What is it you want?” Nehemiah stopped and prayed before answering. Again before Nehemiah said anything he discussed it with God. God granted Nehemiah success that day and in the days to come as he led the rebuilding of the walls. God will grant us that same success. All we have to do is ask.
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