Joseph’s Faith

Genesis 37;39;40;41
Isn’t it wonderful to study the lives of people in the bible? To take the time to see what lessons God wants us to see in their lives. I want to look at Joseph. If anyone has ever demonstrated faith in God through trials or showed the truth in Romans 8:28, it has to be Joseph. He was born the favorite son of his father’s true love. (Genesis 37:3) We also know that God was with Joseph at a young age, because of his visions. (Genesis 37:6) Yet despite his faith Joseph always ran into problems. He went from being a favorite son to being sold into slavery by his own brothers. (Genesis 37:27-28) Next he became head over Potiphar’s house.(Genesis 39:1) Then to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. (Genesis 39:11-20)
Just imagine sitting in a damp, dark prison, the whole time you feel that you are here because you did the honorable thing. It would be easy for most of us to get angry at God. Joseph stayed close to God. When I might have asked why did you let this happen to me? Joseph continued to serve God and help others. When the cup bearer and baker showed up he helped them interpret their dreams. (Genesis40:8) Imagine how Joseph felt when finally a way out of prison. (Genesis 40:14)The cup bearer would tell the King about him. As usual more bad luck! The cup bearer forgot him! (Genesis 40:23) A few more years he keeps the faith and then God sets him free and makes him head of the pharaoh’s family. (Genesis 41:39-44) Through all his troubles Joseph kept faith, knew he was in God’s will and in the end all things worked for the good.
Oh father how I wish I had the faith of Joseph. While it would have been hard for Joseph to see the lessons in these trials, he kept faith. God knew He had to prepare a sheepherder to become head of Egypt. While serving under Potiphar he learned about government and how to be a leader. Joseph was proud. Imagine how his brothers felt when he showed off his coat. (Genesis 37:3) He needed to be humbled. I bet nothing humbles you like being sold into slavery. In his talking with Potiphar’s wife you can see that old pride slipping in again. (Genesis 39:9)How about a little time in prison to fix that? All those years in prison and Joseph still remained faithful to God. God has a plan for all of us.We might not understand why he is allowing things to happen to us; But It will all work for our good and for the glory of God.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
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