Wake Up Call

I was looking to see if I could find any interesting videos yesterday and I stumbled across this one of Kirk Cameron doing street evangelism. I love his approach. Well it led me to the website way of the master. There are several videos to help show you how to share the gospel there and if you go to the street witnessing videos they have more high definition videos of using the ten commandments to witness. so here is the video Wake Up Call and below it I’m going to put a KJ52 video that asks the question Do you think God is going to think you’re a good person?

Okay I decided to include this one also.

Everyone who has been saved needs to try and bring other souls to heaven with them. If you are truly a christian then you love everyone and do not want to see anyone go to hell. It’s hard to go up to a complete stranger and just start talking about God but when you do it God will do the talking.

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