Walking Together With Christ

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3 KJV

Amos said this while prophesying against Israel. What a verse for us to think about today! As I was studying this verse I read a commentary by Vernon McGee. He said he was watching a young couple walk together, when suddenly the girl turned and went the other way. They were walking together until they were no longer in agreement then they could no longer go in the same direction.

Now picture your walk with Christ. He is never going to change direction. So if we are in agreement we are walking together, but sometimes we decide “Hey God I can handle this on my own”, and we head off in a separate direction. Once we realize we can’t we turn back to God and we again are in agreement and walking together.

Do you remember doing potato bag races as a kid? You and a partner would each place one leg in a bag and one outside. Then you would race other teams to the finish line.

To succeed you and your partner had to be in agreement on when to move the leg that was in the bag. If either one of you moved at the wrong time you would stumble and fall!

As we walk with Christ we are in that potato bag with Jesus, if we walk in step with Him we do fine. It’s when we try to get out of step with Jesus we stumble and fall short of God’s Glory.

So as you go through the day ask your self “Am I walking in agreement with God?”


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