A New Year

2008 is behind us and we have begun 2009. As we start this year out it is a great time to reflect on last year and ask ourselves some questions.

• How have I served God in the last year?
• Have I reflected my Lord and savior Jesus Christ in my life?
• What failings and mistakes have I made and have I confessed them to God?

Ask yourself “How have I served God?” “What have I given back to the Lord?” and “What sacrifices have I made?” God loves to see us use our gifts to spread His message. Not everyone is gifted to teach or go and witness to strangers. Not everyone has been given monetary wealth by God, but He has given everyone a gift and wants to see us use it. Some people are gifted with a smile. It is amazing what a smile can do for someone who is having a bad day. Some people are gifted with the ability to make a stranger feel right at home. Some people are gifted with planning or designing abilities. There are many gifts God can use. Take a moment and pray that God will show you your talents and how you can use them to serve Him. (Romans12:6-8)
When people see you do they know that you are a Christian? Can they tell that there is something different about you? Is the hope that Peter talks about visible in you? As a Christian you have a part of Christ living inside of you. Do you let that part show, or do you hide it? Our lives should be a living testament to the Lord! Paul said “Do you not know that your bodies are God’s holy temple?”(1 Corinthians 3:16)
Now think back over the year. Ask yourself “How have I failed God in the last year?” “Have I carried it to Him in prayer?” God knows we are human and that we will sin. (Romans 3:23) That is why He sent His Son to die for our sins. God wants us to confess to Him so that we will think and reflect on our sin. We must realize that we are sinners and a holy God cannot look upon sin. We must know that we don’t deserve God’s love before we can truly see it.
So take few minutes go to God in prayer and talk to Him about the last year. Let Him know that ‘yes, Lord, I am a sinner and I have not been everything I could be for you. Father I have not served you in every way as I should. Lord, there have been times when I wasn’t reflecting your glory as I should have. Lord I thank you for your forgiveness and grace. I thank you for sending your Son to be my Lord and Savior. Search me and give me a pure heart. Show me how you would use me. Lord may I be found faithful in the end. Amen.


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