New Year Prayer

It’s 2009, Happy New Year! For the second year in a row I brought in the year with the youth of my church. A minute before midnight we knelt before the altar and prayed in the new year. This is such a powerful way to bring in the year. Talking with God about the last year and the upcoming year. It was extra special for me this year as I have two of my own girls in the yourh and my wife came to the church with my son to join us for praying in the new year. So I got to bring in the new year worshipping God with the youth and my family. Thank You Lord for that blessing.

Lord I thank You for the blessings You have given me in the last year. Father I thank You for the trials and lessons You have given me. Some of them Lord, I did not think I could make it through, but You were always there proving the promises You gave in Your Word. I realize now they strengthened me and prepared me for the plans You have in the future. Father I pray You will be there in the next year to lead me and show me the way. I pray that when You call I will move with out hesitation. Father thank You for allowing me to bring in the year with the youth and with my family at Your altar. May we all serve you faithfully in the upcoming year. I pray these things in Your Sons name .In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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