While Israel is fighting Hamas, it is nice to know God is still at work converting people to Christianity.
Voice of the Martyrs’ Persecution Blog pointed me to a Fox News story about Mosab Hassan Yousef, The son of one of Hamas Founding members. It tells a little about his conversion to christianity.
Praise God on how he is working on some in the Middle East. In David Jeremiahs’ Book What in the World is Going On he tells of a Muslim who had Jesus appear to him in a dream. This then led him to an Egyptian Christian who gave him a bible. The authorities found out and sentenced him to die. On the day he was to be executed no one showed up. They came to him later and said away you demon and set him free. He later learned on the day he was to be executed the executioners son died.
Jesus is still working on lost souls in the Middle East.

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