The Rooster

Yesterday I was lying in bed thinking about a discussion on freewill that had been going on. That got me thinking about my grandmother. I know my mind works weird.
Anyways, my grandma Cill used to have a pet rooster. It would ride on her shoulder as she worked in the yard. This rooster trusted and loved her. Most roosters are mean and see humans as trying to control THEIR barnyard. It is their natural tendency to either attack or run from humans, but this rooster, after learning that my grandmother cared for it, would come to her and trust her.
We are like that rooster. Our natural tendency is to do everything for ourselves and if someone tries to control our lives we get defensive and attack or we run the other way. Yet when we learn that Jesus loves and cares for us, many of us will choose to obey. Then through the help of the Holy Spirit, we come too fully and trust and obey. Even though it goes against our nature to ask for help we choose to ask for God’s guidance.
Our choice to go against our very nature and worship God and follow Jesus brings Glory to God. By freely choosing Jesus over our sin nature we lead an example to those who have not yet conquered the world’s hold over them. Plus when we turn our lives over to Jesus He then helps us to overcome the world through His Holy Spirit.
By the way I’m not sure if the chicken escaped the dumplings or not. Maybe one of my aunts or uncles will see this and let me know.
LORD, You have treated Your servant well,
just as You promised.
Teach me good judgment and discernment,
for I rely on Your commands.

Before I was afflicted I went astray,
but now I keep Your word.

You are good, and You do what is good;
teach me Your statutes.
Psalm 119:65-68 HCSB

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