YEC 2009

I and 5 other adult leaders carried 18 youth to YEC in Nashville TN last weekend. It truly was an amazing weekend. We had a young lady that was invited by one of our youth get saved. I had another young lady tell me Sunday night that she went home read her bible and prayed which she told us she doesn’t do very often. I just got done reading a post by Clayton King saying that 2000 got saved that night, including a chaperonne, a youth pastor and three security guards. The part that has me so excited though is that Saturday morning we were asked to pray for someone we thought needed to know Jesus. I challenged our youth and entire church to go out this week and witness to the person they prayed for.

Well monday morning I prayed that God would give me that oppurtunity and the courage to do it. God did His part and I got my chance to witness to them and they are starting to read the book of John. I ask that every one pray for me as I to continue witnessing to this person and especially that this person will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Today I played Lecrae for a friend. (Lecrae is a Christian rap artist.) Well in the process of this I had two people come up and ask who this music was by. I’m thrilled that there will be two people listening to music that will proudly proclaim that Jesus is Lord. I pray that they lead many more to listen to music that can attract a group that usually listen tto music that promotes sex, drugs and violence.

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