The Great Escape

great_escapeAs you sit in your prison cell awaiting your execution. You look at your two accomplices and know that all three of you are about to die for your crimes. Robbery, murder, inciting others to violence, the list goes on and on. You were tried and convicted and you know you deserve to die for what you did.
Suddenly outside you hear loud angry voices, are they here to take you? The voices keep getting louder and angrier. A guard shows up and takes you from your cell. Where are we going, you think to yourself? Am I about to be beaten some more? You calm yourself knowing you deserve whatever they are about to do to you.
They push you out in front of the crowd. You stare into the angry faces. You look and there is another man standing there with you. He has been beaten and stands there bloody and bruised. Then you recognize him. This is that Jesus I’ve heard everyone talk about. Why is he here, he hasn’t done anything wrong? From what you hear he does nothing but help people.
You realize the crowd is calling your name. What are they saying? Release Barabbas! What? This is where they release the prisoner! Why are they releasing you when you deserve your punishment? As they release you and you try to leave before they change their mind. You look up and stare into the eyes of this other man. All you can see is the love pouring out from Him. This Jesus is about to take the punishment in your place. He is going to suffer for your sins as you go free.
And so it is with us. We are Barabbas deserving our death and punishment, but Jesus took that punishment for us. His sinless life will cover for all the sins we have committed. Lord, thank You for the grace You have given us. Amen.

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