Staying Near Sin

Cover_0_MedWhat an interesting story we have in Genesis 19. Two angels show up to warn Lot to flee. Lot offers them a place to sleep and they turn him down saying, “We will just sleep here in the square.” I can imagine the panic on Lot’s face. He knows that he is in a sinful place, and he must protect these two angels, but imagine the embarrassment of having to tell God, “Yes I love you and follow you, but I’m eyeball deep in sin right here and it really isn’t good for you to be here.” I believe sometimes many of us find ourselves in that same situation.
So Lot convinces the angels to stay at his house and that night the men of the village show up to rape the angels. “Lot steps outside and tries to persuade the men not to do this thing, even offers his daughters up for these men to do whatever they want. Lot has allowed sin to take such a hold on his life that as he tries to flee from it, he is willing to sacrifice those whom he should feel he needs to protect.
God saves Lot, gives him the means to escape from this sin and as Lot is fleeing, he begs God not to make him go to far away form his sin. (Genesis 19:20) Lot’s not wanting to turn fully to God and abandon the sin that has a hold on him. This leads to the destruction of his wife and moral destruction of his daughters.
How many of us can relate to what this story says. As we come to know Jesus we refuse to turn from the sins that have sway over us. As we claim to be a Christian we allow sin to still control us and lead to the destruction of those we love. We allow sin to ruin our lives, when we know that it is not necessary.

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