The Life You’ve Always Wanted

0310246954In our Sunday night class we just started John Ortberg’s The Life You’ve Always Wanted small group curriculum. Since I have already read the book and will be doing most of the teaching I wanted to share it here. I admit the title scared me. I was picturing a Joel Osteen prosperity gospel, but that is not what you get in this book. John Ortberg is referring to a life where we honor Christ in everything we do. A life where we become more Christ like everyday, he puts it this way it’s “doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.”

He says that there is a big difference in “trying and training” and that we should approach spiritual discipline as if we were training for a marathon. We should start with small exercises that prepare and get our spiritual muscles ready. I’ll add a summary of each lesson, each week as we go through this curriculum.

I’ll leave you with the story of Mabel from this week’s lesson. Mabel was an elderly lady John met during a nursing home visit. She had been in the home for 25 years. She was blind, almost deaf, and cancer had disfigured her face. John said he walked up and gave her a flower. She thanked him and asked if he minded if she gave it to someone else. When he rolled her will chair next to someone else she handed them the flower and said, “This is from Jesus.” As he got to know her, one day he was curious what does a person who is blind, deaf, disabled and alone think about all day, so he asked her. She told him, she thought about Jesus. So he asked her what exactly does she think about Jesus. She told him, “I think about how good he has been to me!”
When we look at our problems and compare them with Mabel’s and how her attitude is one of hope, praise and worship, we can see just how far away from the life we’ve always wanted we are.

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