The History of the English Bible Part 8: Matthew Bible 1537

John Rogers (C.1500-1555)

John Rogers met William Tyndale while he was Chaplain of the English merchants. Through his studies with Tyndale he embraced the reformed faith and the idea of an English bible. He even helped smuggle Tyndale bibles into England. When Tyndale died in 1536 Rogers took the pen name Thomas Matthew and finished editing Tyndale’s bible. He also used Coverdale’s and he translated the apocryphal book the Prayer of Manasseh from a French bible published in 1535.

The Matthew bible like the Coverdale bible received a royal license. A three page dedication to King Henry VIII probably helped with that some. He also included the apocrypha separate and his translation was used for following translations. In 1555 he was the first to be burnt at the stake by Queen Mary Tudor also known as bloody Mary.

The lord’s Prayer from the Matthew Bible Matthew 6:9-13

Oure father which arte in heuen halowed be thy name. Let thy kingdome come. Thy will be fulfylled as well in erthas it is in heuen. Geve vs this daye oure dayly bred. And for geue vs oure trespases euen as we forgeue oure trespacers. And leade vs not into temptatcion: but delyuer vs fro euyll. For thyne is the kyngedome + the power and the glorye foreuer. Amen

page from matthew Bible (click to enlarge) Notice notes at lower right column

The burning of John Rogers

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