The History of the English Bible Part 11: The Bishop Bible (1568)

Bishop Bible 1569 edition

The bishops of the churches in England were not willing to give up their Great Bibles for the superior Geneva translation due to the Calvinistic notes. In 1563 Matthew Parker, Achbishop of of Canterbury began overseeing a revision of the Great Bible. The bishops were invited to have a part in the work. They were advised to not add any bitter notes. This work was completed in 1568 . The Bishop Bible was a safe version for public reading and contained clear English but it was not as fluid as the Geneva Bible and never gained the same popularity.

John 3:16 from The Bishop Bible

For God so loued the worlde, that he gaue his only begotten sonne, that whosoeuer beleueth in hym, shoulde not perishe, but haue euerlastyng lyfe.

The Lord’s Prayer from the Bishop Bible Matthew 6:9-13

After this maner therfore pray ye. O our father, which art in heauen, halowed be thy name. Let thy kyngdome come. Thy wyll be done, as well in earth, as it is in heauen. Geue vs this day our dayly breade. And forgeue vs our dettes, as we forgeue our detters. And leade vs not into temptation, but delyuer vs from euyll. For thyne is the kyngdome, and the power, and the glory, for euer. Amen.

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