Daily Archives: January 16, 2010

NKJV Chronological Study Bible

I just finished the NKJV Chronological Study Bible. I figured I would take a break today from the history of the bible and give my opinions on this bible. It does not give verse by verse explanation like some bibles instead it had several short articles throughout. These articles explained customs, social order, archaeology, beliefs including many articles on pagan beliefs, and many other topics. It was filled with timelines and short segments consisting of only a couple of sentences that explained money, weights, geography, and religious practices.

The main reason for reading this bible though was for the chronological order. Reading the bible this way was interesting and helped to see how some stuff relates as you are reading through. The prophets were broken up and placed in the historical books. Being able to read a prophecy and then immediately read of its fulfillment helped see how it tied together. When it would switch from one book to another there would be a short transition section that would explain how it tied together plus give other opinions of chronological order if there were other opinions.

The Psalms were mixed in with the stories of David. Proverbs mixed with Solomon and the epistles were intermingled with Acts. The Gospels were separated by author, so if more than one book had the same thing in it you would read all of them back to back.

The greatest benefit for this bible though is studying for sermons and devotionals. For example if you were studying the Bread of Life statement from John 6:35 and you wanted to see the background and what all was going on when the statement was made. You could turn back a couple of pages and see all the gospels in chronological order telling what had happened before Jesus made these statements. It really speeds up getting the context of a section.