Calling out to God

I love Genesis 4:26 where it says, and men began to call upon the name of the Lord. Let’s put ourselves there for a minute. Adam and Eve have been kicked out of the Garden of Eden. They have two sons and then one day Cain kills Abel. Then Cain is sent away by God. Picture it. Adam and Eve have lost their two sons. They still have daughters, grandchildren and possibly several more generations of Grandchildren. But their two sons are gone.

Imagine how Adam felt as he looked at all that had been done. His sin had separated him from God. His sin had led to the death of his son and sentencing of his other son. Just imagine the burden Adam carried.

And Eve knowing she was the one that allowed the serpent to deceive her. Her husband is no longer able to be at her side enjoying all the blessings God has given them. He must work in the hot sun. He must slave all day because she wanted to be like God. Her son dead buried in a shallow grave because she bit into the forbidden fruit and encouraged her husband to do the same. Her other son sent away, no longer allowed to be in the presence of God. She blames herself as the tears fall down.

But now in verse 25 God grants her another son. There is that first glimmer of hope. The world seems to be forgetting about God, but know she has a son. Then Seth has a child named Enosh. Then they see the greatest thing. Men are calling out to God. The people are worshiping God again. Revival has broken out. Imagine Adam and Eve looking out at the generations that have come from them, and seeing every bow down to the Lord.

The serpent, that old devil watching and wondering what happened. This wasn’t his plan. Why are they worshiping God? He cast them out. He cursed the land so they would have to work. Why are they worshiping Him?

Because God still loves us and blesses us even when we don’t deserve it. I pray that we can see a revival like this. One that makes the devil angry that man will call out to God despite the evil and murder in the world. That throughout it all man will see that there is a God and He loves us.

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