Sarah Laughs At Me

In Genesis 18 God tells Abraham that when he returns in a year, Sarah will have had a child. Sarah is listening in the background and when she hears this, she laughs. The Lord asks her why she laughed and she say’s that she didn’t. The Lord asks’ “Is anything to hard for the Lord?”

It’s easy to see why Sarah laughed. She was almost ninety years old and had been praying for a child all her life. Now when it is physically impossible, she is told she will have a child. We have the advantage of reading this knowing that yes Sarah will have a child. We also know that Elizabeth had a child in her old age and Mary was able to have a child while still a virgin. It’s easy for us to see that this was not hard for God. But poor foolish Sarah.

Then Sarah goes on to lie to the Lord. As if He will not know what she really said. It’s easy for us to look at this and think how foolish Sarah is for not believing God and then lying about it to God. Poor, poor Sarah! If she only had the faith of a mustard seed, she would see that this is nothing to God.

But how often do you and I act just like Sarah? Think about it for a minute. How many times have you been unable to trust God? Think about the small things God has asked you to do and you didn’t, because you were afraid. When I feel the Holy Spirit pushing me to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them, “Do you know Jesus?” Why does my heart start beating fast and I worry about them getting angry and embarrassing me? Do I trust God with the big stuff if I doubt him with the small stuff?

Ask yourself, do I truly trust God with my money? If the Holy Spirit suddenly told me to sign my paycheck over to somebody else, would I truly believe that God would take care of my monetary needs for the next week? When God calls us to preach, or go on a mission trip, or do anything radical for him, why do we make excuses on why we can’t? Why do we worry that this might be more than God can handle? Is that not what we are doing?

As I read about Sarah laughing, I wonder is she laughing at me and saying, “Oh foolish Scott is anything too hard for the Lord?”

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