Passing the Garden

In Genesis 13 we have the account of Abraham and Lot separating. Abraham and Lot have both grown exceedingly wealthy. They have built up large flocks and have many workers to care for them. The workers have begun to fight over grazing lands and water. Abraham sees this and calls to Lot. Notice what happens here in vs. 9, Abraham is the elder and has the right to decide who gets which piece of land, but he asks Lot which one he wants. It is more than likely that Abraham has raised Lot as if he was his own son. He has taught him about God and took him away from the land of Haran so that he could grow closer to God. Lot looks out over the valley. It is so beautiful that it’s compared to Eden. The water flows into the streams and the grass is green and fertile. This is the place Lot wants. Lot heads down and he goes past the valleys and sets up his home in Sodom. There were several cities Lot could have chosen from, but he chose Sodom. Moving into Sodom it was obvious of the sin and wickedness that prevailed there. Yet here is where Lot chose to raise his family. He paid dearly for that choice later in his life when the city was destroyed along with his wife and Sons-in-law.

Often we face this choice. We look at all the beautiful blessings God has given us. We marvel over them and say that is what we want. Yet we skip over it and head straight for the sin that separates us from God. We walk through the garden to the other side and embrace the wickedness that will eventually lead to our downfall. All we have to do is stop and embrace the blessings God has given us.

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