Business as Usual

I want to talk about a successful business man today. His name was Matt and he had built quite a fortune for himself. He had moved up to the ladder to a point that he was highly successful. He often had large banquet style meals at his house in which many government officials would come to. Matt was living what is often called the American dream.

But there was a dark side to his success. Much of his wealth had come from corrupt deals. Much of his wealth he had taken from the poor. Matt had it all but something was missing. There was something that he needed that he just hadn’t found yet.

Then one day he was sitting at his desk and he saw a crowd going by. He looked up and they appeared to be following a man. A homeless man on top of that. This crowd they seemed to be worshipping this poor wretched homeless man. And then the unexpected happened. The man looked at him and said two words. “Follow me.”

Two simple words that had so much power and meaning behind them. This man wasn’t calling Matt to just follow him down the street. He was calling him to something much bigger than that. Matt sat there and many thoughts raced through his head. I’d have to give up everything; My money, my house, my parties, and my lifestyle. All of that would be gone and I’d be homeless. I’d go from all this to nothing.

Matt looked into the man’s eyes and realized this is what he had been missing. This was that something that he needed but hadn’t found yet. Here it was. It had found him. Now all he had to do was believe that this homeless man was going to change his life. Matt stood up and followed the man.

Matt went on to become a great preacher proclaiming the good news that Jesus Christ had come and died for the sins of man and defeated death once and for all when he arose three days later. Matt spent the rest of his life in service to Jesus and eventually he died for that service.

Are you ready to make that same decision as Matthew did and give your life to Jesus. Matthew realized that following Jesus was more than saying I believe. It was saying I give everything to you. If you look at Matthew’s account of these events He doesn’t even refer to his house as his house he refers to it as the house. He realized that it was part of an old life that he had put to death and that now he was a new person. Let us all be as successful as Matthew was.

Matthew 9:9-10; Luke 5:27-29; Mark2:14-15

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