Stepping Into Sin

As Moses was on Mt. Sinai receiving the Lord’s law, The Israelites were at the base making a golden calf to worship. God tells Moses in Exodus 32:7-8 that the people have corrupted themselves. They have made a golden calf and even claimed that it delivered them from Egypt. Moses doesn’t seem to believe that it could possibly be as bad as God has made it seem and in Exodus 32:11-13 Moses defends the Israelites and talks God out of destroying them.
Moses heads down the mountain carrying the stone tablets. He is probably thinking to himself that when he gets down there he will have to tell the Israelites that they really had God angry and that they had better watch it. He gets closer and he hears a sound. It is a low singing. As he nears the camp Moses sees the calf God was referring to. The people are drunk and dancing nakedly around it. Moses realizes God was right. These people that had forty days before said they will do all that the Lord has said (Exodus 24:3) have completely forsaken God. They are giving credit for the blessings God has given them to an idol.
So Moses approaches Aaron and asks, “What in the world is going on?” Aaron owning up to his part says, “I don’t know I just threw some gold in the fire and out jumped this calf.” I can just see Moses staring at Aaron and saying “It jumped out did it?”
Here is Aaron, like us standing accused in his sin. He says I just fell into sin. I didn’t plan on it or mean to. It just happened. But let’s look back up to Exodus 32:4 and see what really happened. Aaron took the gold and fashioned it with a graving tool. Aaron hand carved this idol. He made a decision I want to do this and he did it. We do not fall into sin, we step into it. We make a decision. Yes Lord, I see this sin and while Your word tells me to flee, I’m going to go right into it. When we excuse our sin by saying we just fell into it, we are trying to make ourselves to be not as sinful as God tells us we are. We must turn and flee when Satan tempts us and not give him an inch. Because when we do he will take a whole yard.

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