The Glory of Self

Nadab and Abihu were sons of Aaron and called by God to be Priest. Imagine how these two men were looked up too. These two young men were right behind Moses and Aaron in Priestly order. They were with Moses, Aaron and the seventy elders that approached the base of Mt Sinai to worship God(Exodus 24:9-11). The Israelites probably looked up to these two men as examples to all. In their youth God is using them.
They have seen the amazing things God does when Moses and Aaron are offering the sacrifices. So They go in to offer incense to the Lord. And the bible tells us that they offered strange fire. Then the Lord consumed them in fire.( Leviticus 10:1-2)
Many commentators offer different explanations for what is meant by strange fire. But regardless of what exactly strange fire was, these men died because they did not give God proper reverence and fear. They decided that they needed to use God for their glory. That is what led to their death.
How often have you turned to God and prayed for something because it would bring you glory. How often have you seen another church doing good and wondered, “Why are You not doing that here God?” In our sinful nature we automatically put ourselves first. It is hard for us to truly show that God is first. When we stop trying to glorify God with our lives and we start using God to bring us glory then we set ourselves up for destruction. Jesus allowed Himself to be shamed, humiliated and cursed so that we could be brought together with the father. Let’s not be like Nadab and Abihu.

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