Fires of Sin

I was planning on writing about The Israelites repeatedly complained to God during their time in the wilderness. As I started reading and praying I noticed that in Numbers 11:1-3 there is something else going on at the same time. They are complaining and it angers God and He sets their camp on fire. The thing that jumped out at me though was verse 2. It says the people called out to Moses. Moses prayed for them and God stopped the fire. This is what Jesus does for us. In John 14:11 Jesus tells the disciples that the Father is in Him and He is in the Father. Then in John 14:13 Jesus tells them whatever they ask in His name He will do. Then for emphasis he says it again in verse 14.

When we have let the fires of sin start to destroy us and we call out to Jesus, His spirit that leaves inside us will go to the Father and ask that He relents. Then through the power of Christ we can stop the fire of sin that tries to consume us.

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