If We All Were Prophets

In Numbers 11 God has told Moses to gather 70 elders and take them to the tent of meeting. The purpose of this was so that God could put some of His spirit on them and relieve Moses of some of his burden. Moses gathered them together but two men that were appointed elders stayed behind in the camp.

When God placed His spirit on the elders the two men in camp began to prophecy. Someone ran to Moses and told him what was going on. His assistant Joshua responded by questioning Moses if he was going to stop them. Moses looked at Joshua and said , “Are you Jealous for my sake? I wish all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the LORD would put his spirit on them.”

Joshua didn’t get it. He was thinking it’s all about Moses. If these people start prophesying, people will start turning to them and not Moses. Moses realized that it wasn’t about him it was about bringing Glory to God and it did not matter if God used him or someone else. Moses wanted everyone to have the same relationship with the Lord that he had. That should be our wish. We shouldn’t be jealous or angry when someone is succeeding in their ministry or spiritual walk we should be happy and wish that everyone could have the same success.

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