Church in Haiti

Pignon, Haiti courtesy of Gateway Freewill Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

My cousin Tim McCreight is a youth minister at Gateway Freewill Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virgina. They have some missionaries in Haiti and he just got back from a trip to check on their missionaries, churches and provide relief efforts. I asked him if he would mind writing something for me to post on here and he graciously obliged. Check out their Haiti Missions page to see the wonderful things God is doing through them over there.

Great to hear from you man. Haiti was Haiti. If you have ever been you would understand that. The trip was unlike our normal trips we take. We are normally going to a place to do outreach and preach. This time our goal was to check on our national missionaries, check our churches, and obtain and deliver food to all of them. The trip was very successful. We ended up getting in touch wit almost every pastor. Some of our church buildings suffered damage but praise the Lord none of them were completely destroyed. We will have to do a lot of repair work on some of them and one school building will have to be completely rebuilt. We were able to make some connections with some of the groups over there that are bringing in food and goods and we ended up getting between 12 and 15000 lbs of food. That was a great blessing!! Our missionaries and their church families definitely needed that . I was very saddened to see so many people who lost their homes. Many of the businesses where the Haitians worked are now closed so they cant make any income and this is making the situation that much worse. A lot of the people lost loved ones, and now there are many more orphans in the country. A lot of the people from Port Au Prince are migrating to the other cities and villages which will prove to be challenging to the areas economies and supplies. One city where we have a work is PIGNON. They have had somewhere between 15-20000 people come there recently. We have a lot of work ahead of us but God has been good thus far and He will continue to be. I hope this is helpful and you are welcome to post it. our web address is thanks man and have a great day.
Tim McCreight

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