Grasshoppers in our Midst

In Numbers 13 we have the story of the twelve spies. God told Moses to send a spy from each of the twelve ancestral tribes to go and scout out the land. In verse 2 it is made clear that God is giving the land to the Israelites. So Moses sends the twelve men out and they are gone for forty days. What an incredible adventure it must have been. The come across the Anakites, giants of people and they come to the valley of Eschol and see all kinds of fruits.

They return to Moses and the Israelites and tell them it’s everything God promised. it truly is a land flowing with milk and honey. BUT, The people there are strong. The cities are well built for defense. Plus there are giants there. The giants are so big we are as grasshoppers to them. What an uproar there must have been. It was everything God promised , but how could they take it with such a powerful military there.

Then a young man named Caleb speaks up. Let’s go and take this land. He speaks as a man who truly trust in God for his strength. Ten of the other men speak up though. We can’t do this they are stronger than us. Then these men lay it on thick. Remember a few minutes ago it was the land of milk and honey now it is a land that devours its inhabitants who all just so happen to be giants. (Numbers 13:25-33)

In Numbers 14:1-3 The Israelites are weeping and wailing about how they would have been better off in Egypt. Jesus promises us if we will follow Him he will take up our burdens but when the going gets tough we seem to want to start whining about how he should make us go through what ever trial we are facing. We are quick to remind Jesus that his burden is supposed to be light and right now it feels like he has a bag with a ton of bricks strapped on our backs. So how is our burden supposed to be light when what we are going through puts such a heavy weight on us?(Matthew 11:29-30)
Because we are supposed to look at whatever trial is there and say Jesus you take care of this one. When we realize that God is in control and that everything that happens is to his will (Romans 8:28) and our good the weight will be lifted. We just have to realize entering a land full of giants and a military more powerful than us is just God’s way of showing that He is more powerful than all.

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