Painting Pictures of Egypt

It’s been two years since the Israelites have left Egypt. They have wondered through the wilderness following the cloud that God puts over the tabernacle(Numbers 9:15-23). God provides manna for them to eat and then they complain. In Numbers 11:1-3 They complain and God sets fire to the camp. Moses prays for them and then and God stops the fire.

That should be the end of the story, but its not. Keep in mind God just set there camp on fire due to their complaining. Now they start complaining again(Numbers 11:4-6). God has graced them with food everyday. they wake up and it’s there. All they have to do is gather it up and cook it. No slaving away at the ground trying to make it grow. It’s almost as if God is saying I give you a second chance I’ll take my curse back and we will go back to the way it was in Eden.

Yet the very thing they complain about is the blessing God has provided them with. It’s as if they completely forgot the hardships they suffered in Egypt and now all they can think of is the food and how “good “things were back in the days of slavery.

How often do we think back longingly to the days of  slavery. The days that we were ruled by the taskmasters of our sin. We think back to the days before we were truly following Christ and think, but that was so fun. We forget that at the time we were constantly being beaten down by our sin and how it was slowly destroying us. Lets not believe that lie of Satan’s. Sin was never fun. Let’s look to the cross of Jesus Christ and not complain about the blessings he has given us.

After all God did give the Israelites what they wanted and a plague came with it.

Just as a bonus I’m embedding the Sara Groves video Painting Pictures of Egypt Which was the inspiration for the title of this post

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