Only Be Strong and Courageous

Last week I read through the book of Joshua and so many things jumped out at me. I’m going to start today with Joshua 1 and the secret of success. This is as close as you will see me get to a Joel Osteen Gospel.

Upon Moses death God speaks to Joshua and gives him command of his people and tells him what it will take to be successful. I listened to a sermon on this passage once and the preacher pointed out several things in this passage that we can apply to our lives to be successful. I see one that all the others are based on. Joshua 1:6 “Be strong and courageous”, Joshua 1:7 “Only be strong and courageous”, Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous”, and Joshua 1:18 “Only be strong and courageous.”

Who is saying that was two things? When God repeats Himself it means listen up. Normally God stops at three times, yet here He repeats Himself four times. that means listen up and pay close attention this is very important.

Before telling Joshua to be strong and courageous in verse 6, God tells Joshua that He will never leave or forsake Him. In verses 7 and 8 God reminds Joshua to obey the law, but immediately goes back to letting Him know that Joshua is doing what He willed and that He is with Him. The final command to be strong and courageous comes after Joshua has commanded his men and they repeat to Him what God has told him.

God is making sure Joshua understands that he is in His will and doing things for God. He can’t fail. This stands true for us to day just as it did for Joshua. If we are in God’s will and doing what He has called us to do we can’t fail. Success is guaranteed. That is not to say there won’t be times when we feel like things are not going as they should, it’s just saying that it will work out in the end.

look at Joshua 7:6. Joshua has had thirty six men killed in an attack that God ordered. He is doing what he was supposed to do yet God allowed him to fail. Joshua falls to his knees and prays why, Lord, why?

We will have times in our lives when we are trying to do what God wants and it seems we are failing and the task is impossible but God has told us be strong and courageous because He will not fail or forsake us. Let us always put our trust and hope in Jesus and we will succeed.

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