Fleeing Into The Danger Zone

I was at my dad’s house a few weekends ago and he was working on his swimming pool. For some reason it had a huge rip in it and obviously no water. He had taken the ladders out and sat them on the grass next to the pool. Before I go any farther with this story I need to let you know something about my dad. He hates snakes. I’ve seen him turn the channel on TV because a snake was on the screen. He is a true advocate of “the only good snake is a dead snake!”

Anyways my son, my dad, and I are staring down into this empty 12 foot hole in the ground. He is explaining that there are several small holes in it besides for the gash down the side. He tells me that there are holes where the ladder was and he doesn’t understand that because the ladder has always had rubber ends on it. He then proceeds to turn around and start to pick up the ladder. Remember the ladder is laying a few feet away on the grass. This is the moment my son calmly states, “Hey that’s a snake.”

I’m trying to see where my son thinks he sees a snake when I realize my dad is rather quickly stepping backwards towards the empty pool. My mind realizing the scene is about to get really bad, but not being able to form a complete sentence yet just starts repeating, “the pool, the pool!” Luckily, by God’s grace, my dad understood that “the pool” meant the snake is not the biggest problem you need to avoid right now.

So in an attempt to get away from one danger my dad almost stepped right into a worse danger. That is how it is with us and sin sometimes. We try to do like Paul told timothy and flee immorality,(1 Timothy 6:11) but we don’t watch were we are going. What do I mean? For example we may make man made rules to avoid a sin yet we become proud. Or maybe we avoid people that we know are living in some sort of sin so that we are not sucked into the same sin. That’s a good thing. But what if we are the only person that might be able to bring that person to Christ yet we cross the street like the priest in the parable of the good Samaritan.(Luke 10:30-31)

Fleeing from sin is a good thing and we definitely should not go where we know our weaknesses are, (for example a recovering alcoholic probably shouldn’t go and witness to people in a bar.) but putting ourselves in a bubble and avoiding the world is not living out the great commission.(Matthew 28:19-20)

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