Lovely Monday

What a day last Monday was! I went to bed Sunday night thinking about what a simple day it was going to be. I was getting up and taking my wife’s truck to Jackson to have a noise from the front tire fixed. While there I would be attending an associational meeting to help me get to know the pastor’s in my area. I woke up did some bible study, read some blogs and wrote a little. My wife and kids got up, so I said I was going to take the tire off and make sure it wasn’t something I could fix. (By the way the noise started Wednesday on the way home from church and the truck had been driven only once since then.) As I’m looking at the rotor and brake caliper, my oldest daughter peeks her head around and said, “I’m having trouble with the Jeep.”

I go to see what is wrong and the key is stuck in the ignition. It will not turn and it will not come out. I tell her to take my van and go onto school. I’m messing with the Jeep when I realize my wife has to be at work pretty soon and the tire is still off the truck.

I get the tire on the truck and go in to see if my wife is ready to go, since now I will have to pick up the van so she will have a vehicle to carry my son to the doctor, while I go to my meeting and the shop. I walk in the house and she tells me my Savannah called and said the van would not go any faster than thirty miles per hour. She made it to school but people were honking at her and passing her all the way there.

I have my wife drop me off at the school to get the van and I head home at a little over thirty miles per hour. I Get a quick shower and head back into town. I drop the van off at her work and tell her I’m on my way to Jackson for my meeting. This is a thirty minute drive and I have fifteen minutes left. She tells me the truck got worse after she left the school, but one of her customers recommended a shop in Henderson. I tell her I still have my meeting and it will make it.

A half a mile later I call to tell her the truck isn’t going to make it to Jackson and I need her to pick me up at the shop in Henderson when she takes our son to the doctor. I call my pastor friend in Jackson and inform him that I’m not going to make it because I have had three cars quit all in one morning.

I gave up!

I gave up and quit trying to go where I was going. Why do I tell you all this? Because this is what our lives are like until we come to Jesus. We are trying to go our own way and one thing after another keeps stopping us, but we keep plowing on in our sin as we get further broken down. But we must give up! We must realize we have to stop and ask for help. We have to give our lives to Jesus and he will change our direction. He will take the stress of our broken down lives and fix them. But we have to realize we are not going anywhere first.

Just to finish the story. To top off everything else, the doctors think my son is diabetic. He goes later this week to take a three hour glucose tolerance test to find out for sure. That really isn’t that big of a deal except he has one kidney and high sugar is really hard on the kidneys. Luckily I have faith that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose and I can look at last Monday as God just wanted me to have an Illustration.

May the grace of the Lord be upon you,

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