The Miracle From Afar

Joshua 3 is an interesting chapter in that it is such an amazing miracle. The Jordan river is overflowing the banks. The priests carrying the ark walk towards it and as soon as there feet touch the water it stops flowing.(Joshua 3:15-17) They walk into the middle of the river and stand as everyone passes by. This is amazing by itself but for everything there is a cause and effect.

In Joshua 3:16 the older translations say the water “rose up upon an heap very far from the city Adam” (KJV). The newer translations say “rose up in a heap very far away, at Adam” (ESV) I’m going with the newer translations here, so let’s look real close at what happened. The priest step in the water and it builds up in a huge mound. God is performing a miracle for the Israelites.

Let’s go to the city of Adam and think through this though. You are a citizen of Adam and you have heard rumors of the Israelites and their God. Supposedly God has given them all this land on the other side of the Jordan. You know as a riverside resident that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Then one day you go out to the river and see the most amazing thing. It is higher than normal and it’s no longer flowing and it’s as if it hit an invisible wall. You walk around and look and the water just stops. you stare downriver and there is nothing in sight. Then some kids (I say kids simply because they are always the nosiest and first to see what is going on.) come running up and tell you the Israelites are crossing the river. They have priest with this huge box just standing there as they go across.

You think, “Wow, there God truly is delivering them!” This story plays out everyday in the lives of Christians who believe in an all powerful God that can do anything. The Christians witness God’s miracle and the non Christians get to see the results of that miracle. For example Elevation Church is doing a series called storytellers. they had there praise band do a concert where between songs they would get up and do their testimony. Wade Joye (starts at 27 minutes) talked about his twin girls and how one was born with a bleeding brain. The doctors told them the girl would never walk, probably never be out of diapers and even said that she wasn’t going to make it and they should take her off life support. The girl is now two years old and walking.

The family saw the miracle happen. The doctors saw the family’s faith and the results of that faith. That can sometimes be the most powerful witness we can give.

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