John 1:29-34

Today we will be studying John 29-34. This is the day after men were sent from the pharisees to find out who John was and exactly what was he doing. John is standing in the Jordan preaching and baptizing Jewish people. He looks up and sees Jesus walking by. Jesus has already been baptized by John at this time (Matthew 3:13-17) and when John sees Him he stops and looks towards Him.

“Look,, It is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”
This verse is so beautiful as it is reminiscent of Genesis 22:8. Remember the story of Abraham. He had always wanted a son. God granted him one in his old age and then asked him to sacrifice him. As they were heading up the mountain Issac asked Abraham, “Where is our sacrifice?”
Abraham said in verse 8, “God will provide the lamb.” God did provide the lamb in that case and here John is showing his disciples that God has provided a lamb for them and for us.

Back to John 1:30 and he is reminding them of what he said the day before about one greater than him. He says, “This is Him.” Then John goes on to tell them that this is what God sent him for. His purpose in life was to announce the coming of the Messiah. In Luke 1 the priest Zacharias goes into the Holy of Holies to burn incense and a angel appears to him telling him that he will have a son and this son will go to announce the Messiah. That son was John. John tells them that as he was baptizing Jesus, God’s Spirit came upon Jesus and told John that this is the one that baptizes with the holy spirit. John concludes this section stating that he has seen and is witness that Jesus is the Chosen One of God.

This short section is beautiful because it bares the inspired testimony that Jesus is the sacrifice for our sins. Every sin that I have or ever will commit is forgiven by God because Jesus took my place. Jesus accepted the wrath of God for me. We also see that God has a purpose for our lives. There is something he has planned for us. All we have to do is humble ourselves and accept the fact that we are servants of God. Then we will have our eyes opened to how Jesus is using us to increase His kingdom.
I love how John steps aside when he sees Jesus. In Matthew he actually says,” I shouldn’t be baptizing you. You should be baptizing me.” John is a very popular preacher. People have left everything to come to the wilderness and follow him. His followers are faithful and love him. Yet John knows that he is just a messenger. Jesus is the Way to forgiveness and salvation. May we all humble ourselves as John did.

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