85 Years Young

What a beautiful illustration of faith in Joshua 14:12! The Israelites have been in all out war trying to get the land God has promised them. Now Joshua is letting the tribes take the land allotted to them and here is Caleb going to Joshua. Remember when we were younger and we went and scouted out the land for Moses. We saw all those Giants. They were everywhere.(Numbers 13) But we told Moses, We can do it. God won’t let us fail. Then them other guys said no we can’t. We will be killed. Moses told us, you can have that land. the rest of you will never step foot on it.(Deuteronomy 1:35-36)

Joshua I’m 85 years old. I still feel like a forty year old man. Give me the land of the giants. I know there are some still hiding in the mountains and caves , but I have God and I was promised that land. (some may take note here that Caleb says assuming the Lord is with me[NET translation] and say he has doubts. This is not what is going on Caleb knows if he has been obedient to God, God will live up to that promise. Caleb also realizes that no man is righteous{ Romans 3:10} and there are times he has stumbled, hopefully he is right with God and can take that land.)

Can you imagine at 85 years old going and taking on an army of giants just with your immediate family. We often think of the faith David had to have to approach Goliath as a young man, but here is an old man going to a place where he knows many giants will lay in wait to ambush him. That is faith. God promised God will give.

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