John 1:35-40

Today we are studying John 1:35-40. This is three days after the priest have questioned John about why he baptizes and two days after announcing to the crowd that Jesus is the Lamb of God. John and two of his disciples are standing around together. We know that one of the disciples was Andrew (John 1:40) and it has been traditionally assumed the other was John the author of this gospel. The three of them see Jesus walking by and John the Baptist tells them again that Jesus is the Lamb of God.

John is trying to tell his disciples to go and see this teacher. John is humbling himself and letting his truest followers go and follow Jesus. I think the church today needs to pay close attention to what is going on in this verse. Our churches should be actively seeking those who are the most dedicated followers and then sending them out to multiply and build. Instead of relying on organizations to find and send people to plant churches or to go on foreign missions, we need to be seeking from within and sending out.

Andrew and John follow Jesus and in verse 38 Jesus looks at them and asks, “what are you seeking?” This question What are you seeking, what are you wanting is asked with Jesus knowing they followed Him after being told that Jesus is the Lamb of God. We also must remember that These two men have been following the Baptist. They have lived with him, heard his sermons over and over, and more than likely had private conversations with him about who and what is this Messiah that is coming. We may not have a record of John’s sermons, but we do know he was teaching repentance and that a messiah was coming to take the sins of man and grant forgiveness.

These two men understood who Jesus was and Jesus knew that they had that understanding of Him. So this question what do you seek is saying, How far are you willing to go for me? Are you seeking something that doesn’t require sacrifice? Are you seeking something that doesn’t change your life? Or are you seeking something that is so amazing that you will never be the same again. Something so amazing that you will sacrifice everything to gain it, not because you have to but because it means that much to you.

Their response was, “Teacher, where are you staying?” With the knowledge that they had this is saying we want it all. We are going to follow you anywhere and all we want is to learn from you.
Jesus says, “come and you will see”. When we ask Jesus into our life with a true and repentant heart, He will not refuse us.

The last part of this section talks about Andrew going and finding his brother Simon and announcing he has found the Messiah. This should be us going and telling those closest to us about Jesus. Simon Follows Jesus and is given the name Peter or Cephas.

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