Christianity is a Lifestyle

I finally got around to listening to the Mars Hill podcast from February 21. It is the section where Jesus calls Peter, James, and John. Anyways, this quote struck me.

“And this, Mars Hill, is what absolutely troubles me to my core. We enjoy so much of God’s grace. We are a miracle. We are a miracle. What we enjoy is miraculous, miraculous. We grew by almost two thousand people last year, baptized eight hundred. It’s insanity. Hundreds of people married, hundreds of children born. And at the end of the day, it seems like it takes about twenty minutes for someone to meet Jesus, get baptized, get in a community group, and retire. Done. If they even get to a community group, retire. “Great, my sins are forgiven, I met Jesus. I got some Christian friends, the church is there for me. I’m done.” “What about all those other people?” “Tough.” Some of you would say, “I would never say that I don’t care about lost people.” You vote with your wallet, you vote with your schedule. Don’t tell me what you believe, show me how you behave. Don’t tell me that Christianity is a belief system, it’s also a lifestyle.”

It seems so many people today are happy having said a little prayer and they feel that is it. All Christianity is about to them is reciting a prayer. They may come back to church they may not, but its okay they are good they said a prayer. There is no life change, no fruit, no growing in spiritual maturity. No one in the bible that came to believe in Jesus left without it being obvious something changed about them. As Driscoll said, “Christianity is a belief system, it is also a lifestyle!”

Christianity changes you.It makes you want to go out and tell everybody about Jesus. Persecution in America means someone may make fun of you. Persecution in the day of the apostles meant you would be ostracized from society or killed. Yet when people heard about Jesus in the New Testament they went out sharing the message. Christianity is a way of life and if Jesus is Lord of your life it is something that will shine in a way that everyone will see.

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