Friday’s Links 04/02/10

Richard Ross makes a recommendation for the Great Commission Resurgence that Pastors and youth leaders challenge all youth to go on mission for a few months to a year upon graduating High school. First draft has wineskins but not wine.

“By God’s grace, pastors respond well when I speak to them. But the only time they stand and clap is when I ask, “Do you men think we ought to call out every one of our sons and daughters to go to the front lines while they are young?” There is passion in this theme.”

In Christianity today Gary Parrett discusses contemporary remakes of classic hymns that change meaning. I personally love hearing a classic hymn done in a refreshing way, but I agree the words should be left alone. Even if it means the singer or pastor has to explain them. Raising Ebenezer

“Third, I protest on biblical grounds. Robinson’s choice of Ebenezer (which means “stone of help”) is a reference to 1 Samuel 7:12. After the Lord had given a great victory to Israel, “Samuel took a stone and … named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far has the Lord helped us.’ “

Michael Patton had a post on once saved always saved that asks many of the questions I’ve asked before. Why I Don’t Like “Once Saved-Always Saved”

“I believe that once a person is truly saved, he or she will never lose that salvation. Yet I think we need to warn people that not all faith is true faith.”

Wow, I needed to hear about that comma.

And then, if you go too fast, you’ll miss the comma. You’ll miss the gap that sits quietly between the next thought. You’ll miss it because like me, you might misread the second half of that sentence.

What a curious post by Walker Moore from the Baptist Messenger of Okalahoma.

God must like redundant questions, because I know He saw me squatting and searching under the seats of my truck. But I learned long ago not to lie to Him. I confessed, “Lord, You know how long and hard I looked for those ‘original celebrated curiously strong mints.’”
I anticipated His next question. “How hard have you sought me?” If I would put in half the effort to seek Him as I did a tin of Altoids, I could have “all these things” given to me.

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