Is There No God In Israel?

King Ahaziah of Israel falls from his balcony in Samaria and is seriously injured. He sends a messenger to go forty mile to the city of Ekron and asks the Priest of Baal Zebub if he will recover. As they are heading to Ekron Elijah stops them and asks them, “is it because there is no God in Israel that they are heading to Ekron.” Then Elijah tells them that The true God has said because you did not trust in Him you will die.

King Ahaziah was the son of Ahab. Ahab worshiped idols and had been warned over and over again that his problems were caused because he did not worship God. There was prophets of God in Samaria that Ahaziah could have consulted, but he didn’t.

So where am I going with this. We are dying in sin just as Ahaziah was dying of his injuries. Yet we do not seek Jesus who can heal us and is always right wee we are. We travel as far as necessary to find our idols. Whether it be money music, sex or what ever your personal idol may be, there is something you go to for healing and comfort.

Just as Baal Zebub was a fake god that could truly offer nothing so are our idols. They promise healing and comfort but after we fill or appetites with them we are still as empty afterward as before. But seek Jesus and we can be filled up. He is the true healer and physician.

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