Daily Archives: April 9, 2010

The Gospel of John 2:1-11

Today we we will study John 2:1-11, the wedding at Cana. This first section in the second chapter of John is such a treasure of teaching. There are so many things God is showing us in this passage. I am not going to try and go into all of them, but I will try to point them out for further reflection.

We start off in verses 1 and 2 seeing that Mary, Jesus and the disciples are at a wedding in Cana. It says on the third day, which would be from when Phillip introduced Nathanael to Jesus(John1:43-51). Verse 1 states that Mary was there and then as an afterthought it says Jesus and His disciples had also been invited. We can gather from this that while we don’t know who the wedding was for, it apparently was someone close to Mary. Also in verse 3 when Mary tells Jesus that the wine is gone,  we can see she cares for these people.

We first must understand that a wedding in Israel at this time was a big event and the celebration could last for a week. It also was a matter of honor to be able to provide for the guest. If this wedding party would have had to end because of no wine the entire family would be shamed for the rest of their lives.