The Cowardly Disciple

Isn’t it amazing how the Holy Spirit can take a man like Peter in Matthew 26:69-75 and turn him into a man like Peter in Acts 3-4.

In Matthew 26 Peter denies Jesus three times. Even swore and took an oath that he did not know Jesus. Peter walks outside and cries because of his failure. He completely gives up and goes back to his old career as a fisherman. (John 21:3)

This broken man who has failed the one he said he would die for completely changes once the Holy spirit comes unto him. In Acts 2:4 the apostles receive the Holy Spirit. This man that was so scared of dying a little over a month ago stands up in Acts 2:14 and starts preaching to thousands of Jews (Acts 2:41). Peter tells them that they murdered Jesus (Acts 2:36) and then calls them to repentance(Acts 2:38).

This same cowardly man was going to the temple in Jerusalem a few days later when he healed a lame beggar. (Acts 3:1-6) While standing right outside of the temple Peter starts preaching again, saying you killed the Author of life. (Acts 3:15) Of course this preaching of Jesus’ resurrection angered the priest so they carried Peter to the council, where Peter again filled with the Holy Spirit asks the high priest, If I am  being questioned about doing a good deed done to a cripple then lets talk about the power of Christ that made this possible. (Acts 4:9-10)

This same spirit that empowered a man that denied Christ to stand and preach the resurrection of Christ to the very men that killed Christ is available to us. If we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour then he will grant us the Holy Spirit and then we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

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