Ben Mandrell and Predestination

I have noticed that I get hits from searches for Ben Mandrell and Calvinism. Since it seems to be something many people are looking for I thought I would point them in a direction that would allow him to tell them what he thinks. So if you will follow this link to a post on predestination he wrote in response to a college student. For anyone that doesn’t know Ben Mandrell is the pastor at Englewood in Jackson, TN.

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2 Responses to Ben Mandrell and Predestination

  1. Lee Simmons says:

    “He “went away sad” and (likely) went to hell because he resisted God’s plan for his life.”

    It seems that with this view ,one would have to admit that the possibility existed that God Almighty could have predestined His son to live,die,and rise again and nobody been saved.

  2. Maiko says:

    Wow, must be tough to be part of a body that is holding on to an Arminian view of the gosepl. It took me years to accept the truth that God was revealing to me as well. I did not want to believe that I was starting to have a Calvinistic perspective, but for what ever reason, God revealed the truth of His word and the rest is history. You are in my prayers.

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