Still Here

I haven’t been posting lately. So where have I been? I have had the opportunity to preach a few times lately so I have spent most of my time preparing sermons. I’m also trying to get a few extras prepared so when I get a chance at a moments notice I’m ready. Summers here! The kids are out of school and I’m trying to reclaim my yard after a lawn mower decided to make the beginning of summer not look very promising.

I’m learning some new computer software for bible studying and it is taking some time to get good at it. I have read up on my next post on the gospel of John, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and type it up. Hopefully I can find time to write something that isn’t 13 pages long in the next week.This week I’ll be teaching on the History of the English Bible at church so I’m reviewing my stuff on it.

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