The Glow from the Clouds

I did a sermon on the sermon on the Sermon on the Mount a few weeks ago and In Matthew 5:14 (NIV) “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. I used an illustration that I thought went over pretty good.

This verse is talking about how Christians should be something that stands out and guides others to Christ. Jesus lives in us and we should reflect Him. People should see Jesus in us. It’s like when you are driving at night. You are in the middle of nowhere. You are lost, turned around, and you don’t know which way you need to go. You come to a stop sign. You look at all the choices of directions you can go. You have no idea which way to turn.

You look up into the sky and you can see a glow in the sky. It is the lights, from the city you are trying to make it to, reflecting off the clouds. You can follow the glow and get where you need to be. This light reflecting off the clouds has showed you what you need to know, to not be lost any more.

We should be those clouds! A lost person trying to figure out which way to turn should see Christ’s light reflecting off of us. We should be the light that shows the direction and stops them from being lost.

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