Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

The Gospel of John 4:43-54

Today we are in John 4:43-54. John puts this section immediately after the story of the Samaritan woman at the well for a theological contrast we will look at in a minute. Jesus has arrived in Galilee and gone back to Cana where He turned the water into wine.

Jesus is receiving the reception of a celebrity as He goes around Galilee. They are telling each other, “Yes, this is the man that turned the water into wine at the wedding!”(John 2:7-10) “I saw him at the Passover feast in Jerusalem performing many miracles(John2:23), he even chased the money changers out of the temple.” (John2:15)

While in Cana a man from Capernaum shows up, he had heard about Jesus and wanted to see if it was possible that Jesus could heal his son. Let’s put our selves there. Jesus is standing among the crowds when suddenly this government official pushes his way through the crowd and with tears in his eyes drops to his knees and begs Jesus to come with him and heal his son. Jesus looks at the crowds and responds, “Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders, you will never believe.” The man looks up with the tears streaming down his face, “Sir, come down before my child dies.”

Jesus looks down at the man smiles and says, “You may go. Your son will live.” (John 4:48-50) Just imagine the ride back home. The bible says the man took Jesus at his word but verse 53 shows he still had his doubts. The man was making the trip back home thinking to himself the one man who might could help wouldn’t even come and see. He wipes the dust stained tears off his face as he sees men approaching. He realizes it is his servants. Fear strikes him as he prepares for the bad news, but instead they tell him your son will live. The end of verse 53 tells us the he and his entire household believed.

There are many things to see here but the first thing I want us to look at is the contrast between the woman in Samaria and this man. While there was corruption among the Herodians, they still were Jewish people. These are the people that God had promised he would send a messiah to. They had the temple, the prophets, the knowledge, and everything to make them the very people who should be awaiting Jesus. The Samaritans were a mixed race people hated by the Jews. They only had the law and not the prophets. Yet all it took for them to believe was a woman that had been trapped by sin for a long time announcing that the messiah was here. (John 4:39-42) Those who have sinned much, love much. (Luke 7:41-47)The thing to see here is that those trapped in sin have an easier time seeing the grace of God, while those trapped by religion look for what God can do for them.

The next thing I want to notice is that it said the man and his entire household believed. When an unbeliever comes to Christ, the joy he receives should stand out and lead others to Christ.