Randy Warren 04/30/1949-09/08/2010

My father, Randy Warren was the type of man I pray that I can be. He taught me so much on how to be a father, a husband, and a man that others looked up to.

Dad taught me integrity. To say what I mean and mean what I say. To be the same person when I’m alone, as I am when I am with others.  He taught me what it means to be a gentleman. To treat women with respect, to respect my elders, and to be someone others looked up to.

He taught me how to be a husband to one woman for 42 years. He showed me how to show a wife that she is and will always be the love of my life and my best friend.

He taught me to be a great dad. The kind that his children look up to and want to model their life after. He was a dad not just to me and my sister, but anyone that needed a father figure in their life.

God truly blessed me when he gave me Randy Warren as my father. A man that taught me to always respect God, put my family first, love my country, and to give a110% to anything I put my hand to.

The bible says when a man accepts Christ as his savior he will start to mirror Jesus. Dad did not wear his religion on his sleeve, but you didn’t have to look hard to see the characteristics of Jesus.

Dad loved everyone. The qualities he taught me he taught others. He couldn’t stand to see anyone suffer and would give the shirt off his back to a complete stranger if they needed it.

It hurts to know that Dad will not be there for me to call upon anymore, but if your hope is in Christ like mine, then you realize life is just a blink of an eye and someday I will stand in a paradise unlike anything that can be imagined and I’ll see my dad again.

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