The Gospel of John 6:15-21

Today I’m going to discuss just a couple of verses. I’m starting at John 6:15-21. I started to just skip over these verses, because John really doesn’t say a whole lot about this miracle compared to Matthew 14:22-33 who discusses Peter walking on water and Mark 6:45-52 who along with Matthew records the wind subsiding.

Yet John does have some significance that needs to be looked at. The first thing that I’m going to point out is that Matthew and Mark both talk about Jesus climbing into the boat and the wind dying down(Matthew 14:32, Mark 6:51). John tells us the disciples had rowed for 3 to 3 and half miles, when Jesus walked out to them. We see in the other gospel accounts that they landed their boat at Gennesaret.  A straight course which they would not have taken because they would want to get a little ways off the shore would be at least 4 miles. Since we don’t know exactly where they launched their boat from the distance could have been a little farther.

John tells us that when Jesus got in the boat they were immediately at the shore. It strikes me interesting as soon as Jesus was with them, they were where they were going.  It kind of reminds me where Phillip was taken by the spirit as soon as the Ethiopian was baptized.

The other thing in this passage is that John shows by leaving out some details he put it here not so we would know what happened, (since he knows we have already heard about it from the other gospels) but to point something out to us. It’s reminds me of the wedding at Cana where only the servants saw the miracles. John wants us to see that this was a special miracle (especially Peter walking on the water) for those who truly serve Jesus.  I believe the next section we will study will help strengthen that view.

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