The Plans I Have for You

I haven’t been posting lately because I have been extremely busy. A few years ago God placed a call on my life to teach His word. I have been preparing myself and about a month ago I was praying and I felt God was leading me to start teaching regularly. I prayed and sought Godly cousel and feel God is leading me to start a bible study in Jackson, TN with the intent of it eventually (in God’s time) growing into a church. (and yes I do believe that technically ekklesia means that my bible study will be a church from the start)

In January I will be starting teaching through the Gospel of John. All my spare time right now is being dedicated to preparing for that. The series on John I was doing I will be discontinuing. I will be posting my manuscripts on here once I get started though. I’m praying on doing another series of short post on another book of the bible but I want to wait and see if its possible for me to find the time to do that.

I appreciate everyones Patience as this blog lies dormant for the next month. I also seek prayers for me and the people who will be coming. I also ask for prayers that God will lead me to a place to hold these lessons, since I have not yet acquired a place in Jackson yet.

In Christ,


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