Worth Repeating: Behavior Change

There was an occasion when the army of Alexander the Great was engaged in a very serious battle, and in the course of the battle, one of the soldiers fled the scene. He was a coward. After the battle, the coward was apprehended and brought to Alexander’s tent. As the man stood trembling before his general, Alexander looked at him and said, “Why did you run?” The solider said, “I was afraid.” Alexander said,” So I see. What is your name?” The soldier mumbled his answer so Alexander couldn’t hear him, so the great warrior said: “Speak up. What is your name?” The young soldier looked at him and said, “My name is Alexander.” Alexander the great replied, Either change your behavior or change your name.”

If you are embarrassed by Jesus and you’re afraid to confess Him before men, either change your behavior or cease to call yourself a Christian.

R.C. Sproul,John (St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary), (Lake Mary, FL: Reformation Trust, 2010), 80

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