Worth Repeating: Samuel Jones on Sin

During my lesson last weekend I wound up using this illustration to describe what repentance looks like.

Samuel Jones on Sin

There is no attitude towards God that is acceptable to Him except the attitude that turns with loathing away from sin. Here is a mother sitting quietly within her room. Her only child, little”Willie, just four years old, the pride of her heart and the joy of her life, sees mamma’s little pearl handled pen knife lying on the table. That little knife is the present of a friend, and mother values it highly. Little “Willie, unknown to mother, pick sup the little knife and runs out of the room; and in an hour mother wonders where he is, and directly the nurse comes in hurriedly and says:” Little Willie is lying all bloody in the front flower-yard;” and mother rushes out, and there is little Willie just gasping, and breathing his last.

He stubbed his little foot and fell and the blades pierced the jugular vein. The mother grasps the little almost lifeless child in her arms, and runs into the room, and just as she lays him on the little bed he breathes his last; and the mother kisses her child and says: “Sweet Willie, just speak one more time.” Next day mother carries little Willie to the grave and buries him, and comes back to her home with broken heart; and as she sits down and turns back the dark veil, the nurse comes out of the front yard and says: ” Madam, here’s the little knife. Here’s your little pearl-handled knife.” The mother looks at the knife and the blade all covered with the blood of her sweet child, and she shrinks back in horror and says: “Take that knife out of my presence. I never want to see it again. It has the blood of my precious child upon it.”

And when a Christian man or woman, under the light of God’s Holy Spirit, can see that every sin in the moral universe of God has been covered with the blood of the Son of God, then he shrinks back in horror and says: ” Oh I take it out of my presence. It is covered with the precious blood of my bleeding Saviour.” Oh, brother, you will never know what purity is until you see all impurity bathed in the blood of the Son of God. Oh, let us hate sin and abhor it, and turn away from it, and despise it utterly.

Stuart, R. George,FAMOUS STORIES OF SAM P. JONES: Reproduced in the Language in Which Sam Jones Uttered Them
(Fleming H. Revell Co.,1908) p 12-13


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